NGC Unveils Germany Label for Modern German Coins

Posted on 3/8/2019

The attractive label shows Berlin's Bradenburg Gate, a national landmark of Germany.

NGC International GmbH (NGC GmbH), the German affiliate of Numismatic Guaranty Corporation™ (NGC®), announces that a new label celebrating Germany is now available by request for all submissions of modern German coins.

NGC's Germany label features the iconic Brandenburg gate in Berlin, a landmark built in the late 1700s. US President Ronald Reagan delivered his famous "Tear Down This Wall" speech there in 1987 (two years before the Berlin Wall was demolished), and it served as the site of the German reunification ceremony in 1990.

Brandenburg Gate formed the border between the eastern and western sectors of the occupying powers after the Second World War. Its poor condition necessitated extensive restoration. With the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961, it became the most famous symbol of the division of Germany.

"Open the gate!" became a demand of East Germans striving for freedom. In the wake of the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989, the Brandenburg Gate on 22 December 1989 was reopened for good. Since then, thousands of people celebrate New Year's Eve at the Brandenburg Gate every year.

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This label can be used on all common date modern (1955 and later) German coins (45 mm in diameter and smaller). A 5 euro fee per label applies. To learn more about NGC's special labels, click here.

To request this label, check Special Label in Box 12 and enter Germany Label 1194. The request will apply to all coins on that submission form.

Due to strong demand, NGC GmbH has been increasing its service offerings to Germany in recent years. In March 2019, it has moved to a larger office in central Munich, where NGC holds on-site grading events several times a year.

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